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Golden Wolves Hockey Team

Attention Golden Wolves Players
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To all the new players, Welcome to the Wolfpack.

Wikipedia definition of Wolfpack

"A group of wolves that live, feed, and travel as a family group" 

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Pines Ice Arena Adult League
Pines Ice Arena Adult League 2016 Summer 10 games + Playoffs Team...
Winter Classic Division Champions - Squirt
Pines Ice Arena Adult League

Pines Ice Arena Adult League

2016 Summer

10 games + Playoffs

Team Fee: $2500.00

Individual Registration: $250.00





Roster: Maximum of 18 players (including subs) and 2 goalies

Playoff Eligibility: 4 games

Playoff eligibility will be based on the check in sheets at the front window, NOT Pointstreak. Please make sure that you check in for every game to receive your game credit. Approved playoff rosters will be issued to the captain at the end of the regular season based on the office check in sheets. No check in = no playoff eligibility. No discussions or exceptions.

Jersey Requirement: All teams are responsible for having matching team jerseys with unique numbers. No duplicate numbers permitted. Jersey numbers must be assigned and emailed to the rink prior to the first game. Any jersey number changes must be communicated to the hockey administrator.

Schedule & Stats: All schedules, penalties, points, scores and suspensions will be posted on Pointstreak.

Payment Information:

Attention players, if your captain is paying the Team Fee, you may disregard the payment during registration. All player accounts will be updated after your Team Fee has been paid and processed by your captain. If you are splitting the Team Fee payments, please ask your captain the amount that you are required to pay.

Attention Captains, the Team Fee is due by game 2 if you are making 1 payment for the team. If your players are making individual payments to reach the Team Fee, the Team Fee is due by game 1.

USA Hockey:

-USA Hockey Confirmation # is required to complete registration-

(You can look up your confirmation number by visiting and select "request duplicate confirmation")

House Rules:

1. The zam operator will leave the ice if a player gets on the ice before the zam doors are closed. The game will begin with an incomplete zam.

2. All players are required to register online prior to stepping on the ice. Once a player has registered online, they will be added to the Pointstreak roster. Captains are responsible for maintaining an accurate Pointstreak roster. Please contact the hockey administrator regarding any jersey changes or players that need to be added.

3. Teams are permitted to roster up to 18 players and 2 goalies. Subs count as a roster spot. There is a Sub Fee of $25.00 if a team is paying individually and has not paid a Team Fee. In this case, subs can play no more than 3 games or must pay in full to continue playing. Players must check in for a minimum of 4 games in order to be eligible for playoffs. Playoff eligibility is based on the office sign in sheets, NOT Pointstreak.

4. The captain and goaltender are responsible for finding a substitute goalie if needed. If a goalie is not found, the team has the option to suit up a player as a goalie or skate six players. Captains may request a goalie list from the front office.

5. All games will start at the game time posted on Pointstreak. It is imperative that every player be on time if they desire full ice time. Every game will start with a 5 minute warm-up. If one or both teams do not have 4 players and a goalie on the ice after the warm-up, the game clock will start.

6. Forfeits: A game will become a forfeit if a team does not have at least 4 rostered players and a goalie on the ice at the start of the game. A team with only 4 rostered players may borrow up to 3 skaters (7 total) in order to have an official game.

7. Any game played with illegal (unregistered or unapproved) players may result in a forfeit.

8. Game Length: Each game will consist of 3, 13-minute, stop-time periods. If a team has a 6 goal lead it will become run time.

9. One time-out will be allowed per team per game.

10. Penalties: After 3 penalties in a single game, the player must leave the ice/game. 3 game suspensions equal a hearing to determine future play in the league. Abuse of On-ice or Off-ice officials will not be tolerated. Any abuse of officials will result in an automatic hearing to predict future playing in league. Racial slurs will not be tolerated. Any racial slur will result in an automatic hearing to predict future playing in league. All suspensions are served with the same team in the same league.

11. The team captain must be appointed prior to game. This individual is the only person authorized to speak to the On-ice or Off-ice officials during the game.

12. No refunds for any reason. Credits may be available for injuries.

by posted 05/24/2016
Winter Classic Division Champions - Squirt

Winter Classic Champions - Squirt

by posted 01/29/2016
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